Otter Lake Cottages for Sale | February 2020

Otter Lake Cottages for Sale | February 2020

Otter Lake, located just south of Parry Sound, has been a cottage destination for generations. It’s divided into “Big Otter” and “Little Otter” which are connected via a narrows. There are 2 railway lines that cross at the north and south sides of the lake so if rail noise is an issue be sure and search accordingly.

Current Otter Lake Listings

MLS®# Address Current Price
229474 803 WA OTTER LAKE 123 (LILLIE ISLAND) ISLAND $499,000.00

Generally you can pick up a decent cottage in the $400,000.00 – $700,000.00 range but there are also properties on both sides of that range. Listing numbers can vary drastically from year to year but it’s not uncommon to find a dozen listed in any given year. This season we’re expecting low listing numbers on most area lakes and Otter is no exception.


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